Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Tuesday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Belen Fernandez discusses how the reckless normalization of masklessness even in particularly dangerous portions of a pandemic is leading to avoidable suffering and death. And Solarina Ho reports on new research showing the effects of prenatal COVID on babies, while Tzvi Joffre reports on the connection between long COVID and childhood hepatitis. 

- Meanwhile, Andre Picard writes that we should be outraged over the health care wait times that are endangering our most vulnerable neighbours, rather than accepting the right-wing focus on airport convenience. 

- Robert Reich examines the prospect that interest rate hikes may cause a recession while doing nothing to rein in the corporate profiteering which is actually driving prices higher. And Derek Thompson points out that one additional source of increasing expenses is the end of subsidies for apps which were previously underpriced in order to attract users. 

- Antonio Guterres discusses the need to transition immediately away from reliance on fossil fuels. Marieke Walsh reports on the federal government's analysis showing that its own 2030 emission targets  are completely non-viable based on the policies currently on the table. And Sahan Habib Ghazi writes about life in Jacobobad, where heat and humidity have risen above the levels the human body is equipped to survive. 

- Finally, Mitchell Thompson reports on participation of Con MPs and other well-connected conservatives in a Civitas conference promoting residential school denialism and other regressive subjects of choice.

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