Monday, September 06, 2021

Monday Afternoon Links

Miscellaneous material for your Labour Day reading.

- CBC News reports on Saskatchewan's soaring rate of COVID-19 infections which (just barely) trails only Alberta among Canadian jurisdictions. James Keller discusses Alberta's tragically false assumption that COVID hospitalizations were a thing of the past.  And Dayne Patterson reports on the call from the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses for Scott Moe's government to once again take responsibility for contact tracing after having gallingly abandoned that effort, while  Zak Vescera reports on the health services the Saskatchewan Health Authority may have to abandon to deal with an uncontrolled pandemic.

- PA Media reports on the 200+ health journals who have taken the unprecedented step of joining forces to demand urgent action to avert a climate disaster. But Nick Cohen points out the slipperiness of climate delayers and deniers - while rightly treating them as a historical analogue to those who fought to preserve slavery.

- David Sirota offers a reminder of the powerful role of union organization in reducing wealth inequality. 

- Finally, Ian Welsh reminds us that businesses only end up shooting themselves in the foot by trying to trample on the income which people need to buy their products and services. 

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