Sunday, May 09, 2021

Sunday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Zeynep Tufecki writes about the deadly delay in recognizing the reality that COVID-19 spreads largely through aerosol transmission. Elliot Hannon reports on new research suggesting that the U.S.' already-appalling official death toll from the coronavirus represents a severe undercount. notes that the third wave of COVID-19 was entirely preventable in Canada if we'd taken a responsible approach, while Birgit Umaigba discusses what it looks like from the perspective of the health care workers forced to deal with its most direct effects. Lauren Pelley talks to experts about the likelihood that Canada will face both a severe fourth wave and ongoing outbreaks if we don't do everything we can to push for zero COVID now. And Abdul Malik writes that if the summer Olympics ultimately go ahead, that will only reflect the failure of countries around the globe to properly value human health and lives as compared to opportunities for nationalism and profit. 

- Duane Bratt discusses Alberta's problems with public health compliance - and their roots in the messaging and policy choices of the Kenney UCP. And Taylor Lambert comments on the causes of the province's vaccine hesitancy.

- Amanda Connolly reports on Naheed Nenshi's recognition that anti-vaxx messaging is tied into white nationalism. Zak Vescera reports on bigoted responses to a health care provider survey which show how far Saskatchewan has to go in treating Indigenous people with basic human respect and dignity. And John Cameron documents how anti-trans speakers at a recent Regina City Council meeting are tied into national and international networks of hate, rather than reflecting local views.

- Finally, Meagan Day highlights how organized labour can help to ensure that workers aren't easy prey for bigoted far-right demagogues as a perceived form of resistance against deteriorating working conditions and unfair treatment.

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