Saturday, May 08, 2021

Saturday Afternoon Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- David Graham points out that what's being labeled "vaccine hesitancy" reflects little more than abject denial about the realities of a deadly disease.

- Peter Graefe and Mohammed Fredosi discuss how the CERB - limited though it was - exposed the grossly insufficient provincial social assistance people are expected to survive on in its absence. 

- Cole Webber notes that Doug Ford is using the pandemic to criminalize any tenant organizing, while facilitating the trampling of tenants' rights on an individual level.

- Damian Carrington writes about the difference between genuine climate policy and insubstantial greenwashing - with the latter description fitting the Trudeau Libs to a T. And Fiona Harvey reports on new research showing that developed countries are on pace to blow past any remotely acceptable emission threshold with their current policies and emission commitments.

- David McKenzie and Ingrid Formanek report on the plans of a Canadian oil company operating in Namibia to detonate yet another carbon bomb. Carl Meyer reports on a new legal opinion finding that Canada and other countries are putting themselves at risk by subsidizing and financing fossil fuel development. Meyer and Emily Holden call out Trans Mountain's refusal to name its insurers (in a move obviously aimed at avoiding the prospect of public organizing to reconsider the merits of providing support for a project with calamitous climate consequences).

- Finally, Simran Chatta reports on a new study showing that continents are drying out at an unprecedented pace as one of the consequences of the climate breaking down.

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