Saturday, August 22, 2020

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Sheila Block writes that Chrystia Freeland and the Libs have a golden opportunity to build a more equitable society in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic - though the onus is on them to demonstrate (and on the rest of us to ensure) that they're prepared to make the best of it. And Heather Scoffield discusses what it means to "build back better" in recovering from COVID-19 - while noting that it's essential to ensure that parents are able to fully participate in our social and economic redevelopment.

- Crawford Kilian reviews Mark Lynas' Our Final Warning as a powerful warning of what will happen if we can't reverse our impending climate breakdown. And Rolly Montpelier notes that oil and gas companies are recognizing that their assets will have to stay in the ground.

- But Martin Olzynski offers a reminder that neither Canada nor its provinces have anything to be proud of in regulating the climate and environmental damage done by the fossil fuel sector. And Charlie Smith points out that Bill Morneau's main legacy as the Libs' finance minister will be throwing tens of billions of public dollars at a pipeline.

- Morten Buttler reports on Denmark's move to increase taxes on corporations and the wealthiest few to allow for earlier retirement for workers in particularly arduous jobs.

- Finally, the Globe and Mail's editorial board calls out Justin Trudeau's disdain for Parliament and for Canadian voters in the face of his own politically-motivated prorogation in the midst of a public health emergency. And Jordan Press reports on the Libs' plans to govern by fiat rather than allowing other parties any say in the next set of support programs - locking in their plans to make them means-tested and convoluted.

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