Saturday, June 20, 2020

Saturday Morning Links

This and that for your weekend reading.

- Jason Markusoff writes about the absurdity of Jason Kenney's continued bluster about attacking the rest of Canada rather than working on improving the lives of Albertans. And Shama Rangwala and Danielle Paradis discuss the warped idea of "freedom" underlying the ideology of extractive capitalism.

- Julia Raifman, Laura Sampson and Sandro Galea study how higher rates of gun ownership lead to a higher number of completed suicides. Which means it's especially antisocial for Scott Moe to be funding a position pushing the proliferation of assault rifles and undermining municipal efforts at gun  control, while opposing any additional work on suicide prevention.

- Meanwhile, PressProgress highlights Moe's defunding of vaccines and protections for workers in the midst of a pandemic. And Arthur White-Crummey reports that the Saskatchewan Party's combination of free-flowing money for the oil sector and the police state with austerity for anything that might benefit people is only leading to cuts in Saskatchewan's credit rating.

- Finally, Matt Simon writes about the environmental threat posed by microplastic rain which is reaching even into remote and protected park areas.

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