Thursday, July 25, 2019

New column day

Here, on how the meat and dairy industries alone are offering far too many examples of how entrenched corporate interests are using both government power and their own clout to hide basic facts from the public.

For further reading...
- K. Annabelle Smith wrote about the history of veggie burgers. But more to the point, Kelsey Piper discusses the spate of anti-fact laws being used to try to legislate them out of existence as soon as they offer a viable alternative to meat products.
- Olivia Condon reported on the Weather Network's forced reversal after it dared to mention reducing beef consumption as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
- And Ryan Flanagan reported on Andrew Scheer's attacks on a Canada Food Guide based on scientific knowledge (along with basic disclosure of unhealthy foods) when the alternative is complete subservience to industry.

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