Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Derrick O'Keefe, Robert Hackett and Shane Gunster highlight how the TransMountain pipeline bailout and SNC-Lavalin scandal have cemented Justin Trudeau's status as a Potemkin progressive just in time for voters to hold him to account. And PressProgress offers a reminder that the amount of wealth being stashed offshore by corporate Canada continues to grow as the Libs dither on even basic steps to track and reverse the flow.

- Bill McKibben argues that we're at the point of lacking any choice but to taken urgent action to stop climate change, while Owen Jones muses that nationalizing the oil industry may be a necessary step along the road to decarbonizing our economy. David Rider reports that Toronto is among the jurisdictions looking at litigation to recover the costs of climate change from the people who have used it as a source of profit. Rachel Aiello reports that a shift from subsidizing fossil fuels to funding a transition to green energy is one of the NDP's top policy priorities. Rebecca Long-Bailey writes about UK Labour's push to declare a national climate emergency while leading an international movement toward a sustainable climate. And Kate Aronoff notes that a Green New Deal is part of Podemos' re-election campaign in Spain.

- Mattha Busby reports that UK employers are taking advance of Conservative loopholes by paying a record number of workers less than the minimum wage. And Hassan Yussuff offers a reminder of the need to ensure workers are safe on the job in the face of right-wing pushes to let employers endanger their employees.

- Finally, Adam Burns reports on the foreseeable social harms Ontario can anticipate from Doug Ford's determination to facilitate increased alcohol consumption.

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  1. Okay, I am going to say this in the hopes it finally gets thru someone obvious thick skull....It matter NOT what corporate mini-shoveling has been or will be done to protect Canada....NOTHING EVER will be as bad as having the Conservative Party in federal office....NEVER EVER AGAIN will I (and I fervently pray) a majority of Canadian voters---ever stoop so low as to consider believing the definite lies and then voting in the worst party and leadership so proving to be against growth in any domestic-economy or anti-followers of democracy and the 'rule of law' as the Conservative Party....So write any and all the mistakes intended or otherwise ----Never again we will tolerate the hatred and malice shown in the decade not just by Harper BUT by the entire Conservative Party...It is a party of meanness that has long ignored the statesmanship and decency of their one great leader Mr Peter Lougheed....Any hopeful country upon reflecting on the menacing deeds done by this party when operating for 44 years as the provincial power and then over the 10 years as the federal party in power --many corruptions and criminal acts were possibly breached but our timid media and indifferent Bay street elite ignored if not enjoyed the hurt done to many Canadians (I'm referring to our scientific and environmental communities --hell even our city infrastructure committees were totally ignored and left to their own powerlessness in not gaining the mega allocations necessary to fulfill promised pledged projects....and so it remains....P S Don't even think of asking the rest of Canadians to pay for the asinine 'wait-till-its-too-late mess that is the now 260 billion tailing pond emitter.....If our federal overseers weren't allowed to monitor and follow up on the 'land re-claiming process'....then the wrong-doing is NOT ours to pay for........