Thursday, February 21, 2019

New column day

Here, on how the choice of Scott Moe and other right-wing leaders to ally themselves with white supremacists and nativists (as seen most recently through yellow vest and United We Roll events) is as politically flawed as it is morally objectionable.

For further reading...
- Adam Hunter reported on Moe's initial willingness to have his cabinet members connected to yellow vest events. And Stephanie Taylor reported on his involvement in later events linked to the convoy which arrived in Ottawa this week.
- Samantha Beattie has examined the ensuing convoy in general, while Evan Balgord has focused in on David Selvers in particular. And Hamdi Issawi reported on the recognition of some involved that they were tied into unacceptable bigotry.
- As for what happened as United We Roll arrived in Ottawa, Issawi reported on the weak turnout and disproportionate number of right-wing politicians eager to be associated with a tiny and extreme group.
- Meanwhile, Zi-Ann Lum reported on Conservative Senator David Tkachuk's violent rhetoric. And Tamara Khandaker questioned Andrew Scheer's willingness to be linked to Faith Goldy among other hatemongers.
- And finally, Andy Toy looked into the funding which went to an organizer rather than to participants in the convoy.

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