Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- David Roberts highlights the trillions of dollars in global benefits to transitioning to sustainable energy over the next decade-plus - as well as the political choices keeping us from achieving them. Orville Schell and David Hochschild note that California and China are putting their combined economic clout behind global climate action. And Ryan Rumboldt reports on the hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to Canada's Prairies from extreme weather this summer.

- Patrick Condon discusses how a tax on low-density housing could both raise revenue and encourage the development of more liveable cities. But that would require a willingness to ensure that the wealthiest are required to pay their fair share, rather than being catered to by distorted tax systems - and Tom Harper reports that the UK (like Canada) regularly allows its richest residents to avoid consequences for breaching their social obligations.

- And the Council of Canadians points out that that Donald Trump isn't the only bully in the ongoing NAFTA negotiations, as any earlier hints about addressing labour and environmental issues have been thrown out the window by the Trudeau Libs in favour of corporate interests.

- Rohan Ghatage reviews Annie Lowrey's Give People Money as an effective argument for a basic income. And Caroline Hartnell discusses the importance of ensuring people living in poverty have enough power to improve their circumstances.  

- Finally, Doug Cuthand points out how coverage of protests such as the Justice for our Stolen Children camp is all too often slanted toward process issues rather than the real injustices which give rise to compelling activism.

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