Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- David McGrane writes about Jack Layton's five great fights - and how they continue to provide an essential framework for social democrats.

- Rupert Neate reports on London's "ghost towers", which include tens of thousands of high-end homes sitting empty in a city facing a severe housing crisis. Ann Pettifor comments on the absurdity of pretending that more private construction will solve the lack of housing in light of that reality. And Matt Bruenig offers his take on how to work real estate into a social wealth fund.

- Meanwhile, Jacky Davis discusses how creeping corporatism and austerity are eating away at the UK's National Health Service. 

- Blake Eligh points out that low-income families lack for healthy food only as a result of availability issues rather than preferences. And José L. Peñalvo, Frederick Cudhea, Renata Micha, Colin D. Rehm, Ashkan Afshin, Laurie Whitsel, Parke Wilde, Tom Gaziano, Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, Martin O’Flaherty, Simon Capewell and Dariush Mozaffarian have studied how prices and subsidies can make a difference in ensuring healthier food is affordable.

- Finally, Alex McKeen and Victoria Gibson report on the pervasive culture of sexual harassment in Canadian politics. And A.H. Reaume highlights why whisper networks to distribute warnings about ongoing misconduct fall far short of creating the safe and inclusive system we should want.


  1. No thanks we don't need a the #Metoo witch hunt in Canada, the destruction of Patrick Brown's career was absolutely disguising and Andrea Horwath's response made me ashamed to be a New Democract.

    There is growing resentment towards #Metoo and all the lives ruined without proof and in many cases over the stupidest things.

    Having read the details, from a Columnist in the Star who says what happened to Brown was unfair, and she is absolutely right, even if it happened, he did nothing wrong or unethical.

    Too many of my fellows on the left are caught up in Adminstive Evil, to challenge #Metoo.

    I'm sick of the left becoming more social conservative then the social conservatives.

  2. Weird. What I see is that Patrick Brown fed alcohol to underaged women, invited them to his home,fed them more alcohol and then sexually assaulted them.

  3. But apparently for some, that kind of deliberate use of power and privilege to exploit others is off limits for mention or criticism. Works well for the abusers, not so much for anybody else.