Thursday, January 25, 2018

New column day

Here, on how Carillion's collapse points out one of the most important failings of Brad Wall's tenure in office.

For further reading...
- Plenty of others have also weighed in on the Carillion story and the dangers of putting corporate interests in charge of public services, including Simon Jenkins, Will Hutton, Jonathan Freedland and  John Crace
- CBC reported on the direct connection between Carillion and North Battleford's new hospital, while SaskBuilds' list of P3 projects offers a preview of the other public infrastructure at risk.
- And again, David Climenhaga points out the connection between Carillion and Alberta, while Jonathan Gatehouse discussed the wider Canadian implications of Carillion's liquidation.

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  1. And that's what the liberal infrastructure fund is all about, isn't it. Privatization and sucking the money out of the citizens.