Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Ed Finn discusses how corporate giants exert far more influence than we generally know - or should be willing to accept. And Joseph Schwartz and Bhaskar Sunkara comment on the difficulty in achieving durable social-democratic policies while economic power is concentrated in the corporate elite.

- Thomas Walkom notes that Donald Trump's distaste for NAFTA may ultimately serve Canada well in ensuring we don't rely so heavily on the U.S. And Adrian Morrow reports on Canada's current push for an end to U.S. anti-labour laws such as "right to work" schemes - which will find at least some support south of the border, though there's plenty of reason for skepticism that the Libs will do more than abandon it at the first opportunity.

- Aaron Wherry writes about the Trudeau Libs' painfully slow steps toward preparing for the disasters caused by a changing climate.

- Alex Brockman reports on the Libs' decision to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into Yukon roads to be used solely for the benefit of the mining industry.

- Meanwhile, Ashley Joseph traces the connections between the historical abuse of Indigenous Canadians (including in residential schools) and continuing health problems.  

- Finally, Frances Coppola discusses how austerity after the 2008 financial crisis produced disastrous results - particularly in Greece where it was inflicted most harshly.


  1. Some more news Brian Topp has endorsed Guy Caronm

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  3. So he has - that will certainly rate a mention in my next leadership update post.