Thursday, September 07, 2017

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Matthew Hoffmann discusses the reality that addressing climate change will require substantial changes to how we currently live - but that we don't have a reasonable choice but to put in the work to make the transition.

- Michael Wolfson writes that the Libs' plans to limit some tax goodies for incorporated businesses are entirely fair to doctors and to other high-income workers. But Jeremy Nuttall points out Alexandre Boulerice's apt observation that a loud fight over one small tax loophole is providing cover to leave many more to be exploited.

- Meanwhile, PressProgress highlights new research (PDF) from the CCPA showing how unequally income is distributed in Ontario - with the top 10% of the population taking in more than the bottom 60%. And Rajeev Syal reports on UK research showing that many workers are struggling with poverty and unable to meet their basic needs.

- Finally, CBC reports on the findings (PDF) of the B.C. Employment Standards Coalition showing how far too many workers are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. And Lynn Desjardins discusses the push to include improved work protections in NAFTA - though Brent Patterson warns that the Trudeau Libs may instead join the Trump administration's race to the bottom in the name of "harmonization".

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