Saturday, September 30, 2017

Leadership 2017 Links

The latest from the federal NDP's leadership campaign as we reach the last day of the first round of voting.

- B.J. Siekierski reports on the latest Mainstreet poll showing Jagmeet Singh with a lead, but significant room for movement at each step in the campaign. And the Huffington Post hosted the last (unofficial) all-candidates' debate of the campaign.

- Not surprisingly, the candidates have been making the rounds with late-campaign activity, including Niki Ashton's Q&A with Rabble and interview with Dylan Robertson; Guy Caron's interview with Maura Forrest and John Ivison; Singh's interviews with Justin Ling and Am Johal; and Buzzfeed's interviews with all four candidates. 

- The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group reviews the responses received from Ashton and Charlie Angus on security and human rights issues. And Courage offers its evaluation of the candidates.

- Christo Aivalis rightly criticizes the message that members signed up within minority communities are somehow less legitimate than other voters, while Kashif Pasta compares that insinuation to the acceptance that white male voters may leave a party then return without being seen as outsiders. And Nora Loreto discusses the sexism that Niki Ashton has faced in the course of the campaign.

- David Blocker has offered some lessons from past NDP leadership campaigns. Jessica Murphy, Marco Vigliotti and Kristy Kirkup provide overviews of the campaign. And Charlie Smith examines the prospect that Singh could be the NDP's first prime minister.

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