Thursday, November 01, 2012

New column day

Here, on how the Saskatchewan Party's unprecedented attack ads against the participants in another party's leadership race represent an attempt to silence all political debate that isn't pre-approved by the marketing departments of its own resource-industry backers.

As an addendum to the column, I'll note that the leadership candidates have handled the attack effectively so far by discussing broader economic issues rather than taking Brad Wall's bait.

For further reading...
- We'll find out soon whether Wall will similarly green-light attacks against the OECD, IRPP, and Government of Alberta among other organizations who have discussed the reality of Dutch disease. And Aaron Wherry's complete set of posts on the topic is here.
- And Dan Gardner comments on one of the my examples of the resource sector permanently warping political debate by noting the insanity of shrugging off the potentially devastating effects of climate change.


  1. Anonymous5:41 p.m.


    We should welcome the interjection of Brad Wall & his Sask party into this leadership race.

    Thanks to the general & sweeping nature of the advertisement, every leadership candidate will have the opportunity to demonstrate his "fire-fighting" skills.

    Some may choose to pivot or confront. Some may even choose to do nothing.

    Whatever they choose, the membership should pay close attention. Attacks like these will become the norm, and you will have to live with your leader's action or inaction for many years to come.

    Dan Tan

  2. What Dan Tan said ...