Thursday, July 08, 2010

The reviews are in

The Leader-Post editorial board is none too happy with the Wall government's slashing of funding to the Wascana Centre Authority:
The province axed $600,000 in funding to Wascana Centre in its March budget, just two days before announcing formation of the Office of the Provincial Capital Commission to promote and preserve "distinctive heritage and cultural entities in the capital city" Wascana Centre.

With nine fewer seasonal workers hired as a result, don't be surprised to see more weeds and uncut lawns in the 2,300-acre park this summer or more trash lying around. Crumbling roads won't get fixed, either.

But the cutbacks don't end there: the centre's only full-time constable was laid off and its six part-time constables are working fewer hours. In addition, long-planned improvements are being scaled back and event organizers were hit with a wide range of fee increases this spring.
The authority has been politely understanding about the cutbacks and it is to be commended for pursuing public and corporate donations, but that doesn't mean the province can be let off the hook...

By creating the capital commission, the government raised expectations that Wascana Centre -- along with other important institutions like Government House and the Saskatchewan Archives -- could look forward to solid support. The reverse has proven true.
Perhaps if Wascana Centre Authority allowed the lawns around the "Marble Palace" to grow knee-high and weeds to take over the flower beds in front of it, the government might quickly realize there is a price to pay for neglecting this prairie oasis generations fought hard to build.

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