Friday, July 09, 2010

Abject failure will not deter us

One of Stephen Harper's appointees to the Senate has bitten the hand that picked him.

Richard Neufeld stunned colleagues in the chamber of sober second thought Wednesday by announcing he's had, well, second thoughts about the prime minister's cherished dream of creating an elected Senate.
Indeed, Neufeld has become a big booster of the current unelected Senate.
All of Harper's appointees to the Senate were supposed to support two of the prime minister's most cherished initiatives — to create an elected upper house and impose eight-year term limits on senators.

Neufeld said he supports term limits but the Senate election bill is "neither workable nor effective."
Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Friday he's appointing Salma Ataullahjan to fill the vacancy left by Michael Pitfield, who retired several weeks ago.
The statement also notes Ataullahjan pledged to support the government's legislation to limit Senate tenure and to allow provinces to elect their senators.

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