Tuesday, July 06, 2010

On disaster response

Once again, Murray Mandryk is being too generous in suggesting that a single outburst of federal recognition of Saskatchewan's needs can make up for years of neglect as the Harper Cons have sought to buy a majority elsewhere. But his latest suggestion would at least represent a meager first step in making up for what Saskatchewan has lost from having both a provincial government and 13 federal MPs more interested in doing Stephen Harper's bidding than listening to their constituents:
For too long now, Wall has allowed Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the local Conservative MPs to take this province for granted -- largely because what Saskatchewan has requested from Ottawa has always been considerably less pressing than the disaster relief that is needed.

This is something neither Wall nor the province can continue to tolerate. If it wasn't worth going to battle with Ottawa over unfair equalization, infrastructure spending or support for the province's future economic initiatives, surely now is the time for Wall to call in his markers with Harper on flood assistance. Wall must demonstrate leadership by standing up to Harper and refusing to take no as an answer.
(Edit: fixed wording.)

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