Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Today's popular uprising cancelled due to lack of interest

There seems to be little doubt that the Cons' last desperate hope to cling to power is based on trying to claim enough of a public uprising to prevent the coalition from exercising its majority in Parliament. So let's see how they're doing at building a mass movement to overturn the results of this fall's federal election:
About a dozen protesters gathered outside the constituency office of Windsor West MP Brian Masse Tuesday, decrying the Liberal-NDP coalition that would topple the Conservative government.
Which of course raises some questions: seriously? "About a dozen"? In a riding where the Cons finished second with over 9,000 votes in 2008? And with the lone Con supporter cited in the article having come from a neighbouring riding held by a Con MP, which would suggest a multi-riding effort?

Much as Mike's worst case scenario seemed over the top, I'd shared at least some concern that a desperate Harper would whip up something resembling a frenzy among a substantial portion of the Cons' supporters. And there may be more reason to worry in some other areas of the country. But if the Cons' turnout efforts in a major city can't even assemble a protest capable of outnumbering the incoming coalition cabinet, then the public side of the dispute may be a lot quieter than I'd figured.

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