Saturday, April 26, 2008

Signs of progress

Without much public fanfare, this past week looks to have been a highly positive one for the federal NDP. Two of the party's rising stars have won accolades in the media: Peter Julian from Political Bytes for positioning himself as Canada's leading political voice against the SPP, and Nathan Cullen from Susan Riley as one of the "hidden heroes" of Canadian politics.

And it isn't just the press finding something to like, as the latest Angus Reid poll suggests that the NDP is the only federal party in Parliament to have increased its popularity since the 2006 election. (Now if only the latest leadership polling had included Jack Layton to help draw a contrast against the lead weights currently dragging down the Cons and Libs.)

Most importantly, though, there are signs in another article today that the NDP's current strategy looks to be one which can keep up that momentum. But more about that later.

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