Sunday, June 17, 2007

On message

It's been a few months since I mused that it was long past time for "Harper can't be trusted" to become the central theme coming from the opposition. But based on this past weekend's headlines and leader quotes, it looks like the message is becoming the norm just in time for the summer break from Parliament:

- The NDP's website features a "Broken promises show Harper can’t be trusted" headline...

- Jack Layton has in turn echoed the message as a point made by constituents...

- And while Stephane Dion doesn't appear to have put the precise phrase together, a headline of "Atlantic dealings show PM can't be trusted, Dion says" can only help to get the word out.

We'll see whether Dion in particular veers off course again - and of course there's plenty of need to describe a positive alternative beyond pointing out Deceivin' Stephen's faults. But if this keeps up, it may not be long before the Cons pine for the days when they were in striking distance of winning even another minority government.

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