Friday, May 03, 2024

Friday Afternoon Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Jessica Wildfire comments on the elite panic which has seen information suppression become the norm in order to maintain the status quo for the general public while the wealthiest few try to insulate themselves from obvious dangers. And Larry Elliott writes that if billionaires appear to be afraid of the concept of a global wealth tax, it's because there's no justification for them to escape paying their fair share to sustain the societies which have provided them with obscene riches. 

- The Canadian Labour Congress highlights new polling confirming that Canadians recognize the crucial role of worker organization, and want to remove barriers to unionization. And Jen Kostuchuk and Anelyse Weiler point out the need for improved protections in the midst of a climate breakdown where extreme heat and other threats to health and safety are becoming more common. 

- Stephanie Cooke discusses why nobody should be pretending to take nuclear power seriously as anything but a delay tactic to prevent the deployment of renewable energy. And Brett Forester reports on a toxic sewage discharge at the Chalk River nuclear reactor in February which was never publicly disclosed at the time. 

- Finally, Linda Farthing discusses how Mexico's forests are far healthier than most due to their protection by community and Indigenous stewards. And Drew Anderson reports on the UCP's imposition of politically-driven commands to the Alberta Electric System Operator to back a ban on renewable power despite recognizing that it was ill-advised. 

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