Thursday, November 02, 2023

Thursday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Jingwei Li et al. offer an update on the current state of knowledge surrounding long COVID, including the need for far more work dealing with its wide range of harmful effects. Kavita Bajeli-Datt reports on a new survey from India finding an increase in strokes, heart attacks and cancer acceleration as COVID has been allowed to run wild. Beth Mole reports on the abysmal state of both vaccination levels and public information in the U.S., while Mark Villani reports that health care workers are begging the UCP to be honest about alarming case and hospitalization numbers. And Lauren Woods discusses the EPA's findings that cheap and easily-assembled filters can make a world of difference in limiting the spread of COVID and other airborne viruses. 

- Ajit Niranjan exposes how big banks are funneling billions upon billions of dollars into carbon bombs. Robson Fletcher points out the glaring contrast between Danielle Smith's enthusiasm for implausible and distant claims about future energy sources, and her hostility toward affordable existing technology which can reduce our reliance on dirty fossil fuels (which is of course identical to the delay tactics of Scott Moe and other petropoliticians). And Cory Doctorow discusses how oil tycoons are working from the tobacco industry's playbook in pushing for non-solutions which allow them to keep raking in windfall profits. 

- John Woodside reports on the immense future costs of failing to take climate action now. But Trevor Tombe worries that the Trudeau Libs have undermined the only meaningful mechanism for emission reductions in Canada by prioritizing political concerns over maintaining a carbon price. 

- The Associated Press reports on the $328 million settlement being paid by Uber and Lyft for failing to pay wages in New York alone.

- Finally, Matt Kennard discusses how corporations are using "free trade" agreements to overthrow democracy. 

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