Monday, April 18, 2022

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Delphine Strauss and Jamie Smyth highlight how long COVID is already preventing millions of people from working - with far more likely to face the same fate due to governments' mass infection strategies. Emily Leedham points out how Saskatchewan's combination of sops to the corporate sector - including a low minimum wage and a lack of health and safety protections - is harming the health of workers. And Adam Miller and Lauren Pelley discuss the difficulty navigating risks on an individual level when the few tools still available are less effective at preventing infection than they once were.  

- Meanwhile, Dean Baker writes about the abuse of the patent system by big pharma to entrench and exploit monopolies at the expense of people's health. 

- Dan Darrah writes that the shortage of available homes in the U.S. and Canada will only be met by prioritizing social housing over market interests, while Stephen Wentzell laments that the Libs' budget focuses more than it should on supply-side funding which will only drive prices and profits higher. 

- Finally, Jonathan Haidt discusses how the U.S.' public discourse has become uniquely stupid over the past decade as increasing numbers of people are utterly disconnected from accurate information about the world around them. And Umair Haque warns that the same forces are producing the prospect of a fascist and anti-democratic wave around the globe. 

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