Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Marlene Habib writes about the continued efforts of grocery workers to ensure we have access to food and supplies in the face of the pandemic (and now complete abandonment by governments and employers). Celine Castronuovo reports on the hospitalizations of children resulting from the spread of the Delta variant in the U.S. And CBC News talks to David Fisman about the lessons to be drawn from the recent outbreak in the Yukon - including both the importance of continued public health measures (no matter how determined irresponsible governments are to reject them), and the limitations of current vaccination rates. 

- Carys Roberts asks why politicians in the UK - like those around far too much of the globe - are refusing to take bold action to protect our climate in the face of massive public demand. 

- Damian Carrington reports on new research showing that an obsession with resource extraction and commercial development has turned the Amazon rainforest into a net emitter of greenhouse gases. Jaweed Kaleen and Thomas Curwen write about the western U.S. where temporary droughts caused by climate breakdown are giving way to outright aridification and the loss of vital water sources. 

- Meanwhile, Aidan MacNab reports on a study showing the problems with federal environmental assessment legislation which fails to enable assessment of fossil fuel projects which create obvious dangers to climate systems and biodiversity. 

- Finally, Sam Gindin writes about the need to develop political movements which challenge the fetishization of competition (particularly due to the corrosive effect of systematic competition for position within the working class). 

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