Saturday, July 03, 2021

Saturday Afternoon Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Simon Lewis discusses how Western Canada's heat dome and associated catastrophes offer a warning that nobody is safe from the effects of a climate breakdown. And Jonathan Watts notes that the simultaneous record heat in Canada and Siberia goes far beyond even the most pessimistic models for the acceleration of climate change.

- David Moscrop rightly takes record-setting temperatures and the resulting destruction as a compelling call to action. Max Fawcett discusses how climate change is already killing us (even as it stands to get far worse). And Carolyn Fortuna highlights Bill McKibben's observation that we're at the point of baking the Earth.

- Meanwhile, Rishika Paridkar writes that fossil fuel companies are continuing to greenwash attempts to delay any meaningful transition away from the carbon pollution that's putting our living environment in danger. 

- Aaron Wherry notes that it's the people with the least who are predictably bearing the brunt of the first wave of climate crises. Karen Pederson reports on the rise in deaths among residents of mobile homes in Arizona, while Gordon McIntyre reports on a threefold increase in sudden and unexpected deaths in British Columbia due to the recent heat wave. And Raidin Blue proposes a push toward building retrofitting as a way to both reduce emissions in the future, and mitigate the effects of the climate change which can't be avoided.

- Finally, Nora Loreto writes about Ontario's failure to track and report on COVID-19 outbreaks in homes for disabled adults. The Guardian reports on the British Medical Association's desperate call for the UK's government to maintain public health rules rather than letting the Delta variant run wild.

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