Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wednesday Afternoon Links

 Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Frances Mao discusses how the Delta variant has exposed weaknesses in Australia's COVID response, while Madline Holcombe notes that it's causing the U.S. to revisit the measures needed for people who have been vaccinated. The Royal Society of Canada examines how our already-tragic national death tolls underestimate the lives lost to the pandemic. And Rob Breakenridge writes that no matter how desperately the UCP tries to deflect responsibility, it (like any other government doing the same) will be fully responsible for the consequences of barging ahead with the elimination of public health protections. 

- Nick Estes writes about his relatives' experience at a Catholic residential school. And Jason Warick reports on the Catholic church's pitiful excuse for a contribution to the harm it inflicted on children taken away from their families and placed under its care. 

- Tara Sutton discusses the need for Canada as a whole to take responsibility for our history of genocide. Max Fawcett writes that it's long past time to move past apologies to meaningful action, while Denise Balkissoon discusses how land back and reparations represent an important start to any meaningful attempt at reconciliation with Indigenous people. 

- Finally, Joshua Benson takes a look at the faces of British Columbia's unprecedented heat wave. 

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