Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Michael Mechanic discusses how the promise of noblesse oblige represents nothing more than an excuse for a system designed to encourage the greedy accumulation of wealth and power. Laura Davison reports on the IRS' estimate that the U.S. is losing a trillion dollars annually to tax evasion. And Alex Boutillier and Robert Cribb report that Canada's federal budget includes some (albeit small and belated) steps to ensure that corporate ownership is traceable in order to ensure capitalists pay their fair share.

- Meanwhile, Steve Randy Waldman highlights how an appropriate corporate tax rate does nothing to affect which investments are profitable, but creates incentives to hire employees rather than hoarding money.

- PressProgress expands on Chartwell's decision to reward executives responsible for countless deaths, while rejecting fair wages for the staff actually performing work on the ground.

- Eric Doherty discusses how the Biden administration's significant action on climate change exposes the hollowness of the Libs' comparative response. And Joel Laforest reminds us that the Libs' carbon pricing scheme is falling far short of matching the climate impact of its regressive moves to subsidize the oil and gas sector.

- Finally, Amelia Williams talks to Don MacPherson about the lives that could be saved if we responded to the overdose crisis with any urgency at all.

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