Monday, January 04, 2021

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- In the absence of any leadership from governments, a group of experts has put together a "Canadian Shield" strategy (PDF) to rein in the spread of COVID-19 - featuring the seemingly indisputable ideas that the starting point needs to be controlling and ultimately reducing viral spread while supporting the people affected.  

- David Carrigg reports that British Columbia has finally decided (without fanfare) to limit the operation of industrial work sites which create massive outbreak risks.

- Jeeves Wijesuriya discusses how COVID conspiracy theories affect the health care workers risking their health and well-being to try to keep people alive through a pandemic, while Andrea Wu and Tu Thanh Ha highlight how the health care system may be swamped as a result of irresponsible actions over the holidays. Alexandra Robbins rightly questions why decisions about the school system include little regard for the teachers who keep it running. 

- Sonia Sidha discusses the rise of UK Conservative cabinet ministers who are treated as being too antisocial and incompetent to fail - a phenomenon which is all too familiar in Canada as well. 

- Finally, as part of the CCPA's latest issue of Our Schools/Our Selves, Erika Shaker argues (PDF, see p. 3) that we need to build back kinder. And Kenan Malik is hopeful that we're relearning important lessons about the importance of collective action - which Madhukar Pai notes is a precondition to reversing the concentration of wealth and power.

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