Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Bruce Campbell makes the case for the federal throne speech to be ambitious in dealing with our concurrent crisis of public health, climate breakdown and inequality. But Karl Belanger writes that all signs instead point to the Libs using the opportunity to play political games.

- Georgina Hayes reports on new research showing that face masks serve to reduce the COVID-19's severity as well as its spread. And Renée Filippone writes about the success of Denmark's return to school - though it's worth noting the significance of their underlying choice to prioritize public health and education over reopening businesses.

- On that front, CTV News reports on the continued lack of testing capacity in Saskatchewan even as Scott Moe makes implausible promises. Arthur White-Crummey points out how the coronavirus is affecting Saskatchewan's election campaign.

- Peter Gleick writes that the current wave of explosive wildfires should offer an urgent climate wake-up call for anybody who wasn't yet paying attention. And Elizabeth Renzetti comments on the need not to pretend the disasters we're experiencing are anything close to natural.

- Finally, Laura Sullivan exposes how much of the pitch for recycling plastics has been a con by the oil industry seeking to pretend their products weren't known to cause long-lasting environmental damage.

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