Saturday, October 05, 2019

Saturday Afternoon Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Jeff Spross discusses the effectiveness of a wealth tax both in generating revenue, and in reducing inequality. David Leonhardt notes that a wealth tax will actually boost the economy by putting to use assets which are otherwise idle (if not being used for outright counterproductive purposes). And Jonathan Ruga and Scott Young write that they and many other wealthy people recognize the need for higher taxes on those who can most afford to pay them.

- Bob Weber reports on Clean Energy Canada's study showing how clean energy projects to create far more future employment than fossil fuels. And Sandy Garossino's must-read report examines the utter lack of a basis in fact for Jason Kenney's conspiracy theories about environmental activism.

- Meanwhile, Drew Anderson takes the closest look we've yet been offered at the UCP's rigged leadership race - and the inclusion of high-ranking provincial and federal politicians in Kenney's scheme.

- Ed Broadbent writes that in an election where many parties are seeking to divide based on race and region, the NDP is leading the way in running a slate of candidates which reflects the full diversity of Canada. And Pamela Palmater points out the importance of recognizing and countering the interrelationship between individual and systemic racism.

- Finally, Garima Talwar Kapoor and Elizabeth McIsaac compare the tax tinkering on offer from the Libs and Cons, but ultimately recognize that both promises serve mostly to shovel money to relatively well-off families while neglecting the people who most need help.


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  2. "conspiracy theories about environmental activism" Let's look at that phrase. It means that publicly available information is limited - even if only because it is not a popular topic of the Narrative - and the mainstream media will not touch it. Jason Kennedy has no ownership rights on such - no more than Orange Top south of the 49th.
    Let's keep it simple. There is no scientific basis for claims of a climate emergency which has not happened. Science runs on data,observation and measurement. Conjecture is only available for consensus for those who wish to affirm the superiority of belief to analysis. Science ? No way, no how, not happening.
    Taxing energy is conflated with 'environmental activism'. Government has a one- track mind and so should you. Tax is Tax is Tax is Tax. No mystery nor conjecture involved. Run a quick Search. You will find stories year after year of 10's of thousands of UK pensioners dying of 'energy poverty' i.e. hypothermia.
    For me, I find it difficult to understand the mind set of a person who has looked outside in 30 below weather and trusts sunshine will keep his home warm when the land is not. Ditto windmills.

    1. Yes, this about sums up Kenney's mindset: never mind the work of the totality of the world's climate scientists or the increasing number and severity of extreme weather events, let's just look out the window in winter when it's convenient and spend the rest of the time with our heads in the tar sands.