Saturday, July 06, 2019

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Lana Payne writes about the perilous future we're leaving to future generations - as well as the hope we should draw from young activists demanding better.

- Sven Biggs debunks a few of Justin Trudeau's excuses for using public money to buy and build a pipeline. Erica Ifill points out the gross lack of environmental justice when toxic substances are consistently inflicted on the people least able to respond, while Christopher Ragan and Courtney Howard write about the health impacts of a climate breakdown. And Sarah Cox discusses the B.C. government's thoroughly underwhelming response to a report on the dangers of fracking.

- Meanwhile, Vanessa Ratjen asks why Canada is neglecting obvious opportunities to develop geothermal energy. But the Corporate Mapping Project's database of fossil fuel puppetmasters largely answers the question as to why healthier alternatives have been suppressed while oil and gas subsidies have only been ramped up.

- Finally, Evan Siddall discusses the need to ensure that housing policy focuses on making a home available to everybody, not merely serving the cause of turning ownership into a seemingly risk-free investment.

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