Friday, July 05, 2019

Friday Afternoon Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- PressProgress examines Statistics Canada's latest research on the tens of billions of dollars in taxes being dodged by multinational corporations. And George Monbiot offers an inside look into the crushing power of billionaires once they sense a threat to their sources of wealth and power.

- Sheila Matthen analyzes how inequality is only getting worse among millennial workers as compared to previous cohorts. And Ricardo Tranjan points out how employment insurance has eroded to the point where it withholds any income supports from the workers who need assistance the most.

- Andy Beckett writes about the sorely-needed alternatives to neoliberalism developing among a new generation of economists. And Anne Kingston writes that kindness and compassion are the only viable alternative to broken systems built around self-interest-based incentives.

- Larry Kusch takes note of the declining nursing care in Manitoba under the Pallister PCs, while PressProgress points out that Pallister's idea of health care "efficiencies" is shutting down emergency rooms.

- Finally, Jon Milton exposes the Libs' construction of a migrant detention centre in Laval.

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