Friday, April 05, 2019

On double standards

Shorter Murray Mandryk:

I'd never be so unreasonable as to suggest Saskatchewan Party cabinet ministers could be expected to listen to protests against their own government. But for Ryan Meili, I won't be satisfied by anything short of showing up to rally in support of his political opponents - not to mention climate change denial.

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  1. So - are you pro or con ? When somebody starts talking in terms of 'climate change denial' I start to think of newspaper cartoons of those who are 'unclear on the concept.' There is no reason to think temperatures and weather conditions are fixed in place. Those in 'denial' are those who miss the obvious implications of this idea : there is no way to tell what conditions would have been without alleged 'drivers of change' - and no way to tell what that might imply....if in fact there was anything to it.
    Ah, well. My laugh for the day. I will go back to my perusing of alternative opinion and conjecture - finding those who propose they can predict the future too ludicrous for words. Perhaps they have a fresh take on the use of 'chicken entrails'...or a culturally appropriate variation of a crystal ball for soothsaying.