Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Luke Savage comments on the need for progressive leaders to stand up to the interests of the uber-wealthy, rather than promising them that nothing will be done which could possible improve the position of the public. And Eric Levitz offers a reminder that the right-wing version is blowing up in the face of politicians who turned populist anger into an opportunity to tilt the balance of power even further in favour of the rich. 

- Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie offer a reminder of the dangerous effects of plastics which accumulate in bodies and ecosystems alike - including in ways most people wouldn't suspect.

- Andre Bear highlights the importance of addressing the combination of overt historical bigotry and ongoing discrimination which both places barriers in the way of Indigenous peoples, and stands in the way of nation-to-nation reconciliation. And Doug Cuthand points out the continued lack of action to address the welfare of Indigenous children.

- Meanwhile, Shenaz Kermalli calls out the Cons' politics of fear (particularly to the extent it's converted into violence) as the most important threat to Canada. And Kathleen McAuliffe examines the role of disgust as a predictor of political leanings.

- Finally, Andrew Coyne weighs in on the Libs' use of government power to hand SNC Lavalin a get-out-of-prosecution-free card.

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