Monday, February 05, 2018

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Joe Romm discusses new research showing that man-made greenhouse gas emissions have ended an 11,000-year era of climate stability.

- Thomas Walkom points out the contradictions in Justin Trudeau's declaration that there will be no federal climate policy without new pipelines. And David Climenhaga writes about the complete lack of any sustainable climate plan from the corporations profiting the most from the tar sands, while Kevin Orland reports that they're also putting off the work needed to remediate tailings ponds and otherwise clean up the damage already done to Alberta's environment.

- Meanwhile, James Wilt notes that a consensus against offshore drilling off the coast of Nova Scotia was apparently given no weight by the Libs as they decided to allow BP to drill oil wells. And Robert Cribb's report on the dangers of an unknown gas in Unity causing headaches and other health problems seems to have been needed for the provincial government to even acknowledge that anything was happening.

- Mariana Mazzucato and Gregor Semieniuk discuss the importance of actually shaping the economy through public policy and government investment, not merely treating government's role as one of fixing a system controlled by the corporate sector.

- Finally, Helaina Gaspard and Kevin Page offer some suggestions to ensure that the public has some say in Canada's federal budget process - both in having proposals included in budgets, and being able to track their progress.

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