Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Leadership 2018 Links

The latest from Saskatchewan's NDP leadership campaign as voting day approaches.

- There will be no lack of opportunities to compare the candidates within a debate format, including the NDP's Prince Albert debate... well as SaskForward's recent Regina forum which was covered by CTV among others. And another party debate will be held in Saskatoon tomorrow.

And for those looking for my take: while I haven't watched the debate schedule quite as closely as those in other campaigns, the debates ghaven't particularly shifted my own perceptions or expectations of the candidates. Ryan Meili continues to be more at ease in both storytelling and policy details, but has been somewhat awkward in answering what seem to be repetitive questions; Trent Wotherspoon is most comfortable challenging the Saskatchewan Party, but doesn't go as far in explaining what alternative he's offering.

- D.C. Fraser reported on the campaigns' responses to the party's final membership numbers.

- Meili has unveiled new policy planks dealing with poverty (including a basic income program), seniors and cities, while also releasing a closing appeal:

- And Wotherspoon bookended his campaign launch with another well-attended Regina event.

- Finally, Murray Mandryk has written candidate profiles of both Meili (focusing on increased public openness to policy) and Wotherspoon (framing him in terms of pragmatism). And Jill Morgan held a Q and A with Meili.

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