Monday, January 08, 2018

Leadership 2018 Links

The latest from the Saskatchewan NDP's leadership campaign as the January 19 membership deadline approaches.

- CBC and Colton Praill each reported on this weekend's debate in Moose Jaw, with both reports focusing on a combination of general similarities with slight nuances.

- Devin Wilger reported on Trent Wotherspoon's visit to Yorkton, while the Parkland Review noted his time in Nipawin.

- Meanwhile, Brian Zinchuk interviewed Ryan Meili in some depth about about his plans for energy and the resource sector, while Meili also launched an updated version of his book A Healthy Society. (For those interested, I've discussed the first version in previous blog posts.)

- Finally, Jason Hammond offers his take on how the Saskatchewan Party's leadership process might influence NDP voters - and theorizes that the styles and backgrounds of the two candidates could have substantially different effects depending on the Sask Party's choice of leaders.


  1. Anonymous10:21 a.m.

    Thanks for the link.

    Would be curious to hear your take if I'm way off-base on how I see the match-ups or what you think the most advantageous pairings for the NDP would be?

  2. It's definitely an interesting question, if one that I'd answer cautiously based on my relatively limited attention to the Sask Party's campaign.

    That said, I might draw a couple of different conclusions as compared to yours. In particular, Cheveldayoff's largest area of strength seems to be his grassroots organization, and I see Ryan as better positioned to match or exceed that from the NDP's side. On the other hand, Koch looks to continue Wall's top-down, controlled-access model, and Trent's caucus buy-in and media-friendly presentation might help in answering that. (And since a Wyant win would seem to signal a substantial amount of SP participation from voters we need to win, it might call for a higher-variance strategy to shake up voter intentions leading up to the election - whichever candidate one sees as offering that.)