Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Asad Abbasi reviews a new book following up on Thomas Piketty's work on the causes of inequality.

- Peter Goodman and Jonathan Soble point out that the combination of tight job markets and stagnant wages has become a consistent reality in the developed world - and that a combination of precarious work and attacks on unions is responsible. And Hank Danizsewski notes that precarious jobs are now the norm for half of London workers.

- David Olive sets out a few basic facts about closing tax loopholes currently exploited by Canadian corporations. And Josh Bivens and Hunter Blair point out why tax giveaways for the wealthy don't help anybody but the lucky few, while Marcus Ryu notes the particular implausibility of any claim that free money for rich people will create desirable jobs. 

- Owen Jones discusses how the UK's press has largely become a tool of the wealthy and powerful rather than a provider of needed information for the public. David North interviews Chris Hedges about the hold of corporations over the U.S.' political system and media. And Kevin Taft comments on the oil industry's "deep state" which has captured public institutions in Canada.

- Finally, Justin Wolfers reports on new research showing how racism manifests itself in responses to basic questions about the U.S.' public services.

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