Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Thomas Walkom discusses Mel Hurtig's philosophy of economic nationalism, while noting that Canada stands out as an exception in lacking a strong movement toward greater internal planning and economic control. And Maude Barlow looks back at Hurtig's work, while Melissa Fundira reports that the Libs are trying to bar the door to would-be participants in the World Social Forum who would figure to follow in his footsteps.

- Frances Ryan highlights the absurdity of the U.K. Conservatives (like other right-wing governments) pointing to exclusionary private schools as a solution to, rather than a generator of, increased inequality.

- James Wood reports on the significant increase in the availability of workers' compensation benefits for Alberta farm workers.

- Joe Fiorito offers some solutions to homelessness from the people actually faced with it. And Diana Aviv highlights the U.S.' widespread lack of food security, while noting that there are some answers at hand.

- The Star's editorial board points out that we need to ensure that governments are funded to take care of people who need it most as well as meeting our other social priorities. And Jonathan Charlton reports on the Wall government's choice to instead attack the already-minimal benefits which helped Saskatchewan citizens with disabilities to stay afloat.

- Finally, Tom Parkin comments on the Libs' continuation of the Cons' tradition of news dumps - and notes that consultation-free permits for Site C represent one of the worst attempts to bury rubbish to date.

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