Sunday, September 13, 2015

On basic questions

The National Post's editorial board offers the latest reminder as to how confidence is won and lost in Canada's Parliament. And it only highlights the need for our candidates - particularly those promising change - to offer a clear indication as to their post-election plans.

But while it's worth discussing what types of agreement might be possible between various combinations of opposition parties, there's one set of questions which doesn't require any agreement at all. So let's see what our opposition leaders and candidates have to say about these:

A. Will you commit to voting non-confidence in Stephen Harper at the earliest opportunity?
B. Will you commit to voting confidence in a government led by the leader of a current opposition party at the earliest opportunity?

Obviously, the answer to A should be abundantly clear for anybody offering change from the Cons. And since the answer to B may well determine whether the Governor-General can expect to find a replacement after a vote against the Cons, we'll have reason to be wary about anybody who's more interested in scoring points against another opposition party than making a clear statement on it.

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