Thursday, October 24, 2013

New column day

Here, on the tendency of both the Saskatchewan Party and the federal Cons to pretend a problem doesn't exist for years on end, then suddenly proclaim there's no time to do anything other than force through the most regressive "solution" possible.

In shorter terms, the Shock Doctrine has evolved into the Schmuck Doctrine. And we shouldn't be accepting a government's own incompetence as reason to accept its rushed decisions.

For further reading...
- CBC reports on the Sask Party's sudden hurry to lock the province into P3 school construction contracts. And the NDP caucus responds to the announcement.
- Meanwhile, Bruce Cheadle reports on the Cons' strategic choice to slap a declaration of constitutional principle into a 300-page omnibus budget bill because it'll pass faster than way than if it's considered on its own. And Aaron Wherry is just scratching the surface as to what else has been lumped into the bill.

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