Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- There was never much doubt that the Cons' demolition of Canada's long-form census was intended to ensure that we lack data needed to develop evidence-based policies - and that the effects would be most significant among the most marginalized (or exclusive) groups. And Toby Sanger, pogge and the Globe and Mail editorial board all lament the result, while Sara Mayo observes the suspicion that the data trashed by the National Household Survey includes information about the ultra-wealthy.

- Meanwhile, Frances Russell highlights how the Cons are creating an expectation of falling standards of living and deteriorating social supports. And Jack Monroe speaks from experience about the devastating impact of poverty and inequality in the UK.

- The Globe and Mail identifies another serious regulatory breakdown which may have contributed to the Lac-M├ęgantic rail disaster, as highly flammable cargo was improperly labelled (without apparently attracting any attention until it exploded). Which naturally means that it's time for the Cons to head out to evangelize for more oil transportation - be it by rail, pipeline or tanker.

- The Ottawa Citizen takes aim at the Cons' pattern of constant and gratuitous cover-ups. 

- Finally, for those under the impression that there's no political choice but to accept and propose perpetual tax slashing, Jon Eligon writes about Missouri governor Jay Nixon - who has managed to put his state's Republicans on the defensive by showing people what they stand to lose if the anti-taxers get their way.

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