Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#skndpldr Candidate Rankings - January 29

At the best of times, what's visible and accessible to the public makes for only a relatively small part of a leadership campaign's work. But that goes doubly over the course of a week featuring a membership deadline with no corresponding announcement of the results.

With that in mind, we shouldn't be surprised to see little change in this week's candidate rankings.

1. Ryan Meili (1)

While I've ranked Meili at the top of the group of candidates since starting these rankings, I'm also mindful of the need to watch how trends in the campaign affect possible alternative interpretations. And while Meili's membership numbers fall short of making him a prohibitive favourite, they at least leave little room for doubt that he'll stay on the ballot for quite some time unless he somehow loses current supporters.

2. Cam Broten (2)

Broten once again did well for himself in the endorsement department, ensuring that he'd hold his current position. But the bigger question is whether a late membership push added any more supporters to the party rolls than Broten held before.

3. Trent Wotherspoon (3)

In addition to releasing respectable membership numbers of his own, Wotherspoon is also embracing the money bomb grassroots fund-raising philosophy by another name. And if nothing else, the effort should make for a fascinating test case as to whether Saskatchewan residents are more likely to be motivated or driven to inaction by a frigid winter.

4. Erin Weir (4)

Finally, Weir's campaign was quiet on the membership front, but did earn some positive press with a stop in Lloydminster.

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