Saturday, June 02, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Links

This and that to end your Saturday.

- Andrew Jackson comments on how a premature push for austerity has driven the global economy to the brink of more disaster - as slashing intended to summon the confidence fairies has instead led businesses to reasonably conclude it's not worth trying to grow. And Trish Hennessy adds some numbers on the victims of austerity.

- Tim de Chant posts on how inequality within a city can generally be seen from space through a simple look at which neighbourhoods have the most trees.

-  While I haven't kept up as much with Robocon as would be ideal, pogge is always up to the task - this time correcting some media misconceptions as to who's investigating what.

- I'll give credit where due, as the Saskatchewan Party's willingness to fund the construction of some rental housing on the Whitecap Dakota First Nation looks to be a step forward in putting needs and results over jurisdictional excuses. But I'd be rather curious for an explanation as to how a government which can recognize the need for that investment can so blithely refuse to do anything but offer corporate tax baubles when it comes to the desperate housing shortfall in Saskatchewan's cities.

- Finally, Brad Lavigne's Policy Options discussion of the NDP's decade of growth under Jack Layton's leadership is well worth a read.

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