Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Morning Links

Random readings to occupy your time.

- Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor are still digging into Robocon - with a focus on figuring out exactly how "Pierre Poutine" assembled lists of anti-Con voters to target. And Sixth Estate both points out that the count of affected ridings is up to 92, and questions why the Cons are apparently gathering and then covering up evidence of their own election fraud until they can choose how to leak it for minimal effect.

- The Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy has released a few updates to its Saskatchewan Election Study - with a particularly interesting bit of research finding that even Saskatchewan Party voters largely agree with the province's social-democratic values.

- And in EKOS' national-level values polling, Frank Graves rightly notes that it's the NDP which figures to serve as an effective counterweight to the Cons when it comes to an increasingly stark contrast in values.

- Meanwhile, QMI spin aside, Leger Marketing's polling shows a striking lack of satisfaction with the results of the last ten years both in Quebec and in the rest of Canada. And given that the Harper Cons don't have any plan to offer anything but a more extreme version of the same, that suggests a message of change should have plenty of resonance across Canada.

- Finally, the latest issue of Policy Options features issue pieces from Brian Topp on economic policy and Thomas Mulcair on the tar sands (and yes, he duly mocks the Cons' effort to dictate how they're labeled).

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