Sunday, March 18, 2012

Leadership 2012 Questionnaire Response - Thomas Mulcair

Here's Thomas Mulcair's response to my leadership questionnaire on the NDP's party organization:
1. As leader, what changes (if any) would you seek to make to the NDP's:
(a) caucus management and discipline?
(b) membership engagement and organizational structure?
(c) policy development process?
(d) candidate recruitment and nomination process?
(e) relationship to other political parties?
(f) relationship to traditional allies in the labour, environmental and social justice movements?
(g) relationship to interests not traditionally allied with the NDP?

2. As leader of the NDP, what roles would you anticipate within the party
(a) each of your fellow leadership candidates?
(b) any noteworthy organizers, volunteers or other participants in the leadership campaign on behalf of the other leadership candidates?
(c) the NDP's campaign team members from recent federal elections?

3. If another candidate is elected leader, what other role do you believe would suit you best within the NDP?

Many of your questions raise issues of team-building and coordination. Rest
assured that Tom is a strong leader who will work with everyone in the
Party in order to continue to modernise its appeal to non-traditional
voters and core New Democrats alike. The objective is to form the
well-structured, solid Offcial Opposition that Stephen Harper will come to
regret. In order to succeed, everyone currently involved, and many more are
dearly needed.
As I noted before, I understand and appreciate that time is at a premium at the end of the leadership campaign. But particularly with similar questions having been directed at him in recent debates, I'm a bit disappointed not to see a bit more specificity from Mulcair.

Obviously it's a plus to recognize that we need to work on building the NDP's base as well as its reach toward non-traditional voters. But I have to hope Mulcair has given some significant thought to what needs to be done toward those ends - and it's frustrating that he seems locked into a front-runner's strategy of not showing his hand on some of the most important issues NDP members should be considering in deciding who's best positioned to lead the party.

[Edit: fixed wording.]

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