Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Michelle Lalonde notes that despite continued giveaways from both the federal and provincial governments, Quebec's asbestos industry may soon fade away due to a lack of any economic case for private funding.

- Jessica Bruno reports on major cuts to the federal public sector which have been inflicted without any particular accountability so far - including job losses among the civil servants responsible for key areas like employment insurance, immigration and health.

- Meanwhile, that is indeed Canada's public safety minister getting rebuked yet again by the courts for improperly denying the rights of Canadians abroad.

- Steve rightly notes that the media's lack of interest in the NDP leadership campaign has much more to do with its own shallow political coverage than any shortage of interest within the party.

- Nancy Peckford points to Sana Hassainia's example as a case of our political institutions utterly failing to take into account the needs of new parents and others whose voices are all too often shut out.

- Finally, Stephen Maher reminds us why Stephen Harper has silenced his party's members for so long - as the first few outbursts under a majority government have been on the ugly side.

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  1. Why is the NDP not screaming bloody murder about the manipulation of Canada's oil resources? The tar sands oil is sold $30 below world price to the USA, then they sell it back to Eastern Canada at full price plus. The oil companies cut refinery capacity so the price of gas soars even though consumption declines.  I know why the Liberals are gunshy but why does the NDP not make this thier siern call?