Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halfway there

It's undoubtedly a great sign that the Cons' claim that a change in government would result in worse economic outcomes is being soundly rejected by all but the Cons' base:
Despite the Tory foreboding about a possible coalition government, nearly 51 per cent of respondents believe a change in government would have no effect on the stability of our economy. In comparison, about 30 per cent believe change would be risky.
But there's one more crucial step to be taken from "change won't hurt" to "change is needed": the former can just as easily be the result of a belief that politics don't much matter (which largely favours the Cons) rather than a view that a replacement government would actually improve matters. And it's the latter message that will need to stick in order to motivate Canadians to replace the Harper Cons when they have the chance.

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